Do you feel “stuck” in your MLM business? Then pay attention because social media prospecting master Terry Gremaux is about to show you…
The Secret Social Media Prospecting Formula that Could Add Five, 10 or Even 20 New People to Your Team in the Next 30-90 Days!
Listen up…

If you blew through your “warm market” months or years ago, and you’ve been wracking your brain trying to figure out how to connect with people who will actually be interested in your opportunity, then you absolutely MUST read this important message right now.

Because in the next few minutes, I’m going to open your eyes to a whole new OCEAN of qualified prospects who are ready, willing, even eager to hear about your opportunity and join your team.

This will require some work, and it will take a little bit of time, but if you follow the formula I’ve perfected over the last couple of years, you will be AMAZED by how easy and natural it is to meet new prospects and bring them into your business.

I’m going to tell you all about this formula in just a minute, but first I want to tell you a quick story about a woman I helped who was really struggling in her business. 

To maintain her privacy, we’ll call her “Katie.”  Now when I first met Katie, she was desperate. Her confidence was at an all-time low.
By The Time I Met Katie, 
She Was On Her Third MLM
It hadn’t taken long for her to completely burn out her warm market. (She’d done that by her second company.)

So it was understandable that she didn’t feel comfortable talking to any of her friends and family about her new “deal.”

She reached out to me on Facebook, asking for help, and as soon as we started talking, 
I knew I had the perfect solution for her.

See, she’d spent months searching online for that one, perfect product that would show her how to overcome her prospecting problems.

But every link that she clicked on had some, major flaw that she could not personally overcome.

Some products she found required Katie to leave her house to prospect strangers out in public. That didn’t work because she really she didn’t have a lot of time to do in-person networking and prospecting between her job and being a parent. 

Some trainings required her to learn paid advertising. On her limited budget, that wasn’t a financially-safe option. On top of that, she wasn’t very technical. Learning via video was overwhelming. 

Some gurus required her to hire them as an expensive coach to learn social media marketing. Again, her priority was her children, so spending $1k-$5k was not something she could do - yet.

To say that she felt like she was at the end of her rope when we first met would be an understatement. Fact was...
Katie Had No Idea That Facebook
Is An Absolute Goldmine Of Prospecting Power…
It had never occurred to Katie that she could use a free tool and her own ability to communicate with others to change the trajectory of her life.

See...lots of times, Network Marketing gurus try to make people spend money on tools, tricks, and systems that don’t help in a financial crunch.

And though mindset is incredibly important - and NO ONE can have long-term success without working diligently to improve it - it’s more effective to work on mindset at the same time that you’re creating results in your business.

Mindset without results that you can quantify is pointless. 

Tools and tricks are fun, but they don’t help you make money, and what you learn by using tools and tricks isn’t always duplicable.

Facebook is not a fad or a trick.  It is not going away anytime soon.  How can I be so sure?

Between 2012 & 2013 Facebook grew an epic 22% and is still on the rise!  It's not going away.

48% of all active users login in daily.  THAT IS MASSIVE!

Systems are awesome, and no business can thrive without having them in place...but if your business isn’t profitable, you don’t need systems, anyway!

Len Mooney

I started following training done by Felicia Mupo and Terry Gremaux several months ago. Prior to that I was struggling using social media to generate leads and build my list.  
Since following Felicia and Terry and actively engaging and using the strategies they teach my list has prospered. I have added over 400 names to my e mail list in the last couple or three months. Thank you Felicia and Terry, you rock.

Susan Kate

“Terry is just wonderful. He had the right product at the right time, with the right words, and I just hired him! 

He’s just a regular guy who went out there and made it happen for himself. Terry just has a magic that I don’t see with other people.
The Single, Most-Important Thing
That You Can Do For Your Business Is To 
Get It Into Profit As Soon As Possible
I decided to train her on my Facebook prospecting method, because I could see that she needed some quick results.

She also needed a way to build her own credibility in the marketplace, again…

...and my training was the only thing that I knew would help her in very short order.

See... when it comes to prospecting and growing a business on Facebook…

If you don’t know what to do to generate fresh leads for your business on a daily basis, your business is already dead...but with 1.3 billion active Facebook users as of March, 2015, generating fresh leads can be a breeze - once you know what to do!

If you don’t know where people currently “hang out”, every day, it’s tough to figure out how to find and engage your target audience...but if you knew the best times to post and interact with others on Facebook, you and your business will be fine. Giving people what they want WHEN they want it is key.

If you don’t know how to present yourself as a leader in your industry, no one is going to be attracted to what you have to offer...but the good thing about Facebook’s platform is that it allows you to put your best foot forward, right from the very beginning!

I trained her on how I have built my businesses and my coaching career...and she took what I shared seriously.

After implementing my training, she was able to turn her Multi-Level Marketing Business & coaching career around by sponsoring 27 new reps in 90 days and brining on 9 brand new coaching clients at $2,500 a pop.

Katie's life is on a completely different level.  Lately she told me, "I wake up every day to people asking how to work with me."
"I don't know if I know a better implementer than Terry Gremaux"

Ray Higdon - 
7 Figure Earner
"I was at ground zero...  In the last 4 weeks, I have had 30 exposures"

Myrna Buckles -
Network Marketer
"I have recruited several folks & I am moving my business forward in other countries"

Heather Cameron
Network Marketer
My Name Is Terry Gremaux, 
And They Call Me The Hashtag Hunter
In June of 2014, I was struggling in my former job AND in my Network Marketing company. Much like the woman I’ve been talking about, I had an existence that I did not enjoy.

In 7 years, I’d been in 9 MLM companies, and I regularly had to figure out how to make $600 last for two weeks until my next paycheck.

I was from a small town where everyone knew my name, and I knew that I had to do something different. I just didn’t know right away what that “different” thing would be.

All I knew was that I’d made a decision that my life was not going to be miserable for forever. I refused to remain in a low-paying career for the rest of my life.  

I had no idea how to change my net worth. The more I thought about this, the more depressed it made me.

One decision helped me change all of that!

I’m not one of those so-called leaders who has had a lucrative career for so long that I’ve forgotten what it feels like to have been struggling financially.  

Back in June of 2014, I finally buckled down got the coaching that I so desperately needed, and by July of 2014, I had my first $25,000 month!

I had 500 dollars left in my pocket & gave it all up to my mentor.

All I literally did was implemented what I learned from my coach, Ray Higdon.  

Ray told me to prospect people on Facebook.

So, I started posting the right stuff on Facebook & prospecting people like mad.

Before I knew it I had sponsored 70 people into my company & started a coaching program all due to Facebook!

Oh Yeah.  I teach you all of that coming up!

I knew right then and there that I wanted to help people have success like my mentor had helped me to have.

And that’s why I created “Your Complete Guide To Social Media” — to help people like Katie… people like YOU… to quickly grow their network marketing businesses and start living the lives of their dreams.

Introducing “Your Complete Guide To Social Media” - 
How To Seduce Your Perfect Prospect
Even If You're Brand New

Cardiff Hall

“Terry is the real deal. He is a man of his word, and he is nurturing and caring about all his clients and teammates. As an example, there are times that we don’t have coaching calls scheduled, and Terry still makes time for me. 

That’s just awesome. He’s a rare breed, and I can see why he has been so successful. He’s just truly a special person. He can definitely take people where they want to go as home business owners.”

Marquel Russell

"After attending one of Terry's trainings I was able to unlock 10-15 High Quality Leads Every Single Day Using Facebook (all without spending any extra money)! This dude knows his stuff"
You might not realize it, but you are in a great position right now, simply because you are reading this letter.

If you are just starting out in business…

If you have had to begin again because you’ve accidentally burned some professional bridges…

If you have no idea how to properly reach out to the people you meet online…

If you are wondering how to communicate without seeming overly pitchy...and…

If you want to get into profit quickly while providing real value to your prospects that makes them clamor for more assistance from you…

...You need this training.

That’s about as simple as I can put it, and though it’s bold to say that you need this training from me, I know that I am right.

The same thing was the case for my mentor. He knew I needed assistance getting to the next level, and he told me so.

I want to do the same for you, right now.

“Your Complete Guide To Social Media” is me showing you, step-by-step, how I was able to enroll a combined 110 people into my Network Marketing and affiliate companies in less than 10 months. 

Not including the 10's of thousands of dollars created in affiliate marketing as well. This strategy, all by itself, turned me into a six-figure income earner in under 12 months!
Get The Inside Scoop On How To Grow 
A Six-Figure Business In Less Than One Year!

Module 1: “The Facebook Attraction Blueprint.”

How to use Facebook to grow your business explosively, on a budget...because not everyone has a lot of money to spend on paid advertising. This is my, personal blueprint. You have the ability to influence hundreds of millions of people, but you’ve got to get the most effective way to set up your profile and engage with others!

What to say to the people you attract to yourself via social media...because what you say to others is powerful and can hold their attention or repel them from you. Effective use of words is the magic code to building business relationships - and you’ll appreciate this more and more as you grow your self employed income.

Valued at $147

Module 2: “Turning Friends Into Ready-To-Buy Prospects” 

The best way to gain celebrity status on Facebook...because the truth is that people follow what celebrities do and say. Get accurate training on how to sneak inside peoples’ minds with both your status updates and your private messages.

How to crack the code of genius first introductions...because it is true that you have one time to make your first impression. You will never need another person to endorse you, again, once you are clear on how to interact with strangers, effortlessly! Turn cold intros into warm leads - for free!

Personal Profile Versus Fan Page Engagement...because they are different. Get a handle on this training, and you’ll never have questions about how to manage a fully-engaged Facebook Fan page or personal profile, again. You’ll have people coming to you, asking how you learned to become so popular.

Valued at $147

Module 3: “Turning Facebook Groups Into Prospecting Parties”

The truth about Facebook Groups...because people who are likeminded tend to gather together, even online! There are predetermined rules of engagement, but Felicia Mupo and I will show you how to navigate Facebook groups like a pro!

Your backstage pass to influencing the primary influencer...because the administrator of the Facebook group has the ability to amplify your work or kick you out of the group. You can use your newfound digital relational skills to get group administrators to unwittingly work for you!
How to drive conversations from the group directly to your inbox, worry-free...because it’s bad form to make blatant pitches in Facebook groups. Turn your group interactions into prospecting and sales machines!

A sneaky way to fill up webinars directly from groups...because webinars are among the most profitable ways to sell to online prospects. Felicia and I have gotten up to 50 people who previously knew NOTHING about us to get onto a webinar and purchase from us!

Valued at $147

Module 4 - “Prospecting On The Run”

The only way to connect to people with whom you have no mutual connections...because there are people who want to hear from you that you cannot reach out to on Facebook! Discover how to effortlessly get around Facebook’s rules of interaction, and never get flagged for it! This works on your personal profile and on your Facebook fan page.

How to start a conversation with people who are truly strangers...because the fact is that your personal profile has connections to people who are at least semi-aware of who you are. It’s much tougher to talk to someone who never knew you existed, but I do it, every day, and this training will show you how!

Valued at $147

Module 5 - “Create a Raving Fan Base With Your Fan Page”

The #1 reason why you are not crushing it on Facebook...because most people have no idea that they have streams of wealth waiting for them if they can simply learn the power of a Facebook Fan Page! This module shows you EVERYTHING about Fan Pages. Get the right setup, add the best tabs, and install only the apps that will create engagement and help you close sales faster and more regularly. This is a meaty course that shows you the first half of what I did to go from NO fans to over 3300 people in under one year!

Valued at $197

Module 6 - “Become a Facebook Movie Star”

How to create videos that people really watch...because it’s not hard to create videos that are rambling and that don’t provide people with the value or entertainment that they are seeking! Learn all about great video content creation with this module.

Everything you could ever want to know about video-creation technology...because there are many video editors on the market, and there are lots of tools that you can use to create your videos. It can be overwhelming, but I’ll show you the simplest ways to create and edit your videos.

The completely “unsalesy” way to generate leads with video on Facebook...because most people don’t want to be sold, in the first place. Use this module to learn how to speak to your viewers in a conversational tone that invites them to learn more and/or opt into your list! 

Valued at $147

Module 7 - “Advertising That Attracts & Follows Your Mr. Perfect”

The truth about Facebook PPC...because it’s time that you learn the truth about how simple it is to generate your own leads without running out of money! Start with what you have - GROW your business only as much as you can afford to grow it. Learn to scale the smart way! 

Get technical without getting confused...because dark posts, custom audiences, sponsored stories, tracking, and testing are ALL paramount to your success in Facebook PPC. 

Create campaigns that convert...because that’s what all the leaders in our industry quietly do. Every day. If you want to grow more easily to 5-figure months, I’ll show you exactly what I do, step-by-step.

Valued At $247

Module 8 - “Attracting Leaders On Facebook: Affiliate Contest Leaderboards & Exposure Agents”

How to use OTHER people’s’ products to increase YOUR income...because our industry is small at the top. Selling products that others have created is a great way to advance quickly in both the industry and your own company. Use this module to get the secret to the success of many a new leader.

The exact method I used to structure a coaching program and create my first 5-figure month...because there are strategies for providing value that work and strategies that fall flat on their face. I’ll give you only strategies that work. You simply have to implement. Anyone can do well in this area. As a matter of fact, some of my coaching clients have gone on to coach full-time, themselves.

Valued At $197
$1,376 in Value 
These video-based trainings don’t have an ounce of fluff in them. They get right to the point so that you can take action, as quickly as possible.

I know the power of taking action in a timely manner.

Moving quickly on what I knew was going to help me grow my business is what led to my going from earning $35k in a year to earning $35k in one month…

...and I’d like to give you the ability to create the same kind of life for yourself.

Don’t believe the people who say you can’t. I know firsthand that...

You Can Build Your Entire Business 
Using Free Marketing On Facebook!
But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at what my customers are saying… 

Angel Balichowski 

• “Just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU Felicia! As you know, I am a mom with zero time to waste just like you! So I love how your training always gets right to the point and shows us how to get results quick! Your recruiting strategies are no nonsense and quick, I don’t have to spend a bunch of time trying to find people, they are all there in front of me ready to talk to. The best thing about your training is that you get results girl! I see evidence of you helping people every week and it keeps me fired up! It’s super motivating to use what you teach because I KNOW if I follow what you do…I will get results. Period. Keep rocking girl! xo” –
Angel Balichowski 

Evan Bang

• "I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the level of knowledge that Felicia Mupo & Terry Gremaux have when it comes to Facebook Ads. I was struggling for a very long time spending hundreds of dollars with minimal, almost non-existent, results. After Terry & Felicia spent the time to give me detailed directions, strategies and tactics my advertising campaigns started converting like gangbusters. Thank you Terry & Felicia for all of the help. I can finally say I have a LIST and I'm finally starting to build my business the way I've always wanted too." -
Evan Bang

Brian Gibbs

• “Hey guys/gals, I just have to say… My outlook on Facebook recruiting has completely turned around since working with Felicia. The simple process that she teaches got me instant results that I just knew I had to share with my entire team. Her Facebook recruiting tips are sure to help my teams get stronger and the results are easily duplicated.” –
Brian K. Gibbs

Ryan Brimmer

• “Wow! With an incredibly busy schedule, Felicia has already guided me in the right direction. I am seriously working this into the cracks of my schedule here on day 1 and already have someone interested in what I am doing and willing to look at more information. I am truly astounded at how well this is working! “–
Ryan Brimmer 
"My biggest tip is implementation. I can't think of anybody better than Terry. It's like he jumps out of an airplane and on the way down finds his parachute & thats what you have to do." 
Mark Harbert - 6 Figure Earner
"This power couple is amazing.  The thing I absolutely love about them is they put things into action right away!

Edna Keep - 7 Figure Coach
Are these people any different than you? Not at all. At one time they were also “stuck” in their businesses… had run out of prospects… and didn’t know what to do next. 

Thankfully, they put their doubts aside and tried my training… and their lives have never been the same.
What's the Cost?
I’m not going to play marketing games with you.  

I’ll just tell you plainly that this product costs $149. There is a 30-day, hassle-free, money-back guarantee. I won’t be upset if you return it...

But I am convinced that this will make you money if you take action on the prospecting strategies taught inside this course.

I am also convinced that you won’t need to return it because of how down-to-earth and logical the course is.

Just this time tomorrow, you could be well on your way.  

If your business is falling apart right now, you could turn it all around in short order. I did it. And I’m not special.

If you are just starting out in business for yourself, my course will help you give yourself a professional makeover. 

You can reinvent yourself in front of everyone who thinks they know you.

If you make the decision today that your dreams and goals are important, a year from now, you’ll look back and…

 ’ll be the envy of all your family and friends.
           ...people will be flocking to you for assistance in building their businesses!
  worries will be a thing of the past.
 ’ll be living the life you always imagined, just like I am, and…
 ’ll have a deep-rooted confidence that you can go anywhere and begin ANY business, knowing                 that failure is outside the realm of possibility for you, from now on.

Simply click the button to get started, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can complete your order.

“Your Complete Guide To Social Media” is delivered securely and digitally inside of a membership website where you can get access to your training conveniently.

As soon as you purchase, you will be able to login and begin creating the type of business you’ve always desired!

If You Didn’t Know, "Your Complete Guide” Course
Comes With These Bonuses IF You Act Fast
(Valued at $1,634)

Bonus #1: Secrets From The Legends of Facebook

Get interviews with 8 leaders who have used Facebook in a big way to build their businesses. Learn from Ray Higdon, Jessica Higdon, Mark Harbert, Bert Bledsoe, Marquell Russell, Shawn Walker, Toni Thomas, and Faith Bernard. Everyone listed here has used Facebook for different businesses in varied niches. Getting the inside scoop on what they have done to grow their brands is something that you can’t often get in one place.

Valued at $899

Bonus #2: Attracting the Leaders of Facebook to do Business With You

This is the #1 strategy I use that has never failed to create personal success in someone’s business, yet. It worked for me, and it’s worked for countless others. If you want to transition from not earning the kind of income you need or having the kind of recognition that you’ve been seeking, this bonus will help you. You can put it into immediate practice. 

Valued at $197

Bonus #3: The Mindset Vault

If your mindset is not right, you can never achieve what you want to in business OR life. This bonus covers the top, 20 mindset issues that face entrepreneurs. There is one audio for each issue. You can download them and empower yourself, daily. What you hear frequently, you tend to believe over time. Listen to these and improve your life - on purpose.

Valued at $147

Bonus #4: The Art of Building A Brand on Facebook

Building a brand on Facebook is not a random thing. People who rise to the top don’t do it by accident. Use this bonus to learn how to use Canva for image editing. Learn how to use images in your posts. (Pro-tip: Use these images on your blog, too, if you have one.) Also, learn how to create a Facebook cover image that communicates your brand effortlessly to people who happen to come across your profile.

Valued at $97

Bonus #5: Community Pages For Rapid Income Generation

Very few people know how to use community pages for profit. Just knowing what comes in this bonus has the potential to change your life pretty quickly.  Use Community Pages to generate leads for ANY kind of business. I can’t really mince words. If you want to make money, this bonus is worth the whole course, all by itself.

Valued at $197

Bonus #6: Daily Posting Checklist

This bonus is for Facebook, but it can be used on other social media sites, too, like LinkedIn and Google+. This is the exact checklist that I use to post, every day. It’s a six-figure checklist and can help you keep your activities streamlined.

Valued at $97
As you can see, you’re getting $1,634 worth of bonus gifts for FREE just for investing $149 in 
“Your Complete Guide to Social Media.”
Each one of these bonuses is it’s own course, and people pay good money to learn these extras that you get for free as part of investing in your entrepreneurial education.

“Your Complete Guide To Social Media” is me showing you, step-by-step, how I was able to enroll a combined 110 people into my Network Marketing and affiliate companies in less than 10 months.  Not including the 10's of thousands of dollars created in affiliate marketing as well.

This strategy, all by itself, turned me into a six-figure income earner in under 12 months!

If you are ready to learn timeless prospecting strategies specifically for Facebook, go on and click the button below, now.

Total Value Well Over $2800
Just 2 Payments of $84
Save 10 PLUS %
Just 1 payment of $149 for a very Limited Time

In case you still don’t believe that people can use Facebook in the manner that I have shared, take a look at these case studies of people who have worked with me.

These are normal, everyday people who are creating big results in their lives.

You can do it, too!

Susan Kate

Former Photographer And Successful Offline Network Marketer Creates Massive Duplication With Her Online Team And A Thriving Coaching Career At The Same Time!
Background: Susan had been in Network Marketing for a few years when she realized that she was in need of a coach to help her show her team how to duplicate. She had no trouble recruiting, but that was not usually the case for the people with whom she partnered in business.

Susan was first introduced to Terry when she overheard someone else talking about him. In a fortuitous sequence of events, she prayed for the right help. She prayed, “I’m ready. My way isn’t working. Whoever you need to send me, send them to me, because I need them, right now!”

Not a few moments later, Terry messaged her on Facebook. She had been wondering who “The Hashtag Hunter” was for a few months, so it was incredible to finally be working with him.

Problem: Prior to working with Terry, Susan was very good at recruiting, but it was all belly-to-belly. She did not have online prospecting and recruiting skills.

The challenge was that she had a team of introverts who could not do what she was able to do in person with strangers.

Her other business obstacle was that she really wanted to learn how to do business coaching, and she was not charging for helping people to grow professionally. Because she had built her Network Marketing business so quickly, people were rapidly turning to her for help. She simply didn’t know what to do with that.

Her final concern was that She had lost her courage in business. While she could build her Network Marketing business, she was not living up to her fullest potential due to a negative, past relationship.

Susan desperately needed someone who could show her how to pull herself out of that negative place in her life.

Results: Terry was immediately the kind of person who encouraged Susan to get back to being her best self. For the first time in a long while she could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Susan watched Terry build his coaching business right before her eyes, and she shared with him that she did not want to continue doing her own coaching for free; in response, Terry helped her to package and price her coaching appropriately.

She went from charging nothing to being able to invoice $5k for 3 months of business and life coaching.

Not only that, Terry helped to clear her of her negative thinking around relationships. As a result, she attracted her soul mate into her life. Susan firmly believes that working with him gave her the strength that allowed her to find love again.

Where she used to stay in the house, didn’t want to make money (and wasn’t making money!), and where she was self sabotaging due to low self-worth, she now has more than ten coaching clients and has no issue with receiving money for the work that she does with others!

Bottom Line:  
Susan was able to get a positive shift in her mindset; her negative mindset and low self esteem were holding her back, the most!

Terry assisted in removing the blocks and in giving her permission expand into the greatest version of herself. He illuminated the path so that she could walk down it, confidently.

Testimonial: “Terry is just wonderful. He had the right product at the right time, with the right words, and I just hired him! He’s just a regular guy who went out there and made it happen for himself. Terry just has a magic that I don’t see with other people.

I was in such a dark place, and Terry brought the light. I sold my daughter’s bedroom furniture to get into coaching with Terry, and I would tell people to do whatever they needed to do to work with him. It’s not about the money. It’s about the transformation. He totally changed my life! I have the life of my dreams, thanks to Terry.”

Cardiff Hall

Corporate Sales Executive makes a smooth transition into Network Marketing

Background: Cardiff Hall is a Business Development Manager who was looking to become more effective in growing his Network Marketing business.

He first heard of Terry Gremaux at a Network Marketing conference and was impressed with his ability to assist people who are working in MLM, part-time.

Cardiff wanted a coach who could help him build his posture, grow his business on social media, and help him eventually make the transition in full-time self-employment.

Problem: Cardiff knew that there were certain skills that he had to have, and he knew that he needed to be able to “bulletproof” his confidence anytime he got thrown off-course by the normal occurrences of life.

Cardiff is naturally positive, but he also realized that he was human. Sometimes, he would get discouraged when people would say, “No,” to him, and he needed proper, consistent perspective on how to think as he grew his business.

Cardiff also wanted to learn how to use social media for recruiting into his Network Marketing business. His hope was that Terry would able to help him define his strategy on LinkedIn and on other social networks. 

Results: As a result of hiring Terry as a coach, Cardiff is now able to reach out to CEOs and other high-level business owners and thought leaders about his business.

From what he has learned from Terry, he has had the experience of having two people come into business with him in one day! He even advanced in his company three times. Cardiff has never previously had that happen in his business. Terry played definite a role in that.

Cardiff was also recently the recipient of the Rising Star Award in his Network Marketing company. This is a very prestigious award in his MLM, and he knows that he could not have done it without Terry’s coaching.

As far as his plans for the future, Cardiff is writing a book, hosting a Podcast on SoundCloud, and learning how to ensure that all of his work is congruent with his brand.  

If he had not had Terry’s coaching, none of these entrepreneurial advancements would have been possible.

Bottom Line:  
Without hiring Terry as a coach, Cardiff would probably have never moved to become an author. He can finally see himself being able to retire early from his job from what he is learning from Terry.

Testimonial: “Terry is the real deal. He is a man of his word, and he is nurturing and caring about all his clients and teammates. As an example, there are times that we don’t have coaching calls scheduled, and Terry still makes time for me. That’s just awesome. He’s a rare breed, and I can see why he has been so successful. He’s just truly a special person. He can definitely take people where they want to go as home business owners.”

Toni Thomas

Former Esthetician And Network Marketer Learns To Use Social Media To Recruit At Will!

Background: Toni was originally introduced to Terry through Felicia Mupo. They met in a Facebook group, and they took their virtual interaction into private chat. Felicia ultimately introduced Toni to Terry.

Toni discovered that she needed Terry’s help with social media recruiting for her direct sales business. She also needed assistance with becoming more streamlined in her work, for the sake of her team.  

Toni and Terry are not in the same Network Marketing business.

Problem: Toni wanted to learn how to remain focused during the highs and lows of business ownership so that she could be the best, possible leader in her direct sales business.

Her heart’s desire is to see success in the lives of the women with whom she works. Many of her teammates are stay-at-home wives and mothers, so they have a little bit of time on their hands that women who work outside of the home might not have. She wanted to put herself in the best position to help this specific group of women achieve their dreams.

She also needed to create a training tool that would help her teammates have success, during the times when she was not available to help them, personally. She needed to get a centralized training portal for those who came into business with her.

Results: Since working with Terry, Toni has been able to personally sponsor 15 people. Her business has grown by almost 200 people, total, and she is primarily growing it on Facebook!

Recently, she and Terry started talking about video marketing, so she has begun to step confidently into that, as well.

Her training portal is created, and it has all the modules that she imagined it would have. As she desired, it helps her teammates when she is not available to work with them personally. Terry helped her to structure it the right way.

In April, Toni won her company’s cruise to Jamaica - something that less than 1% of people in her company have won. Terry was directly responsible for helping her earn that recognition.

Bottom Line:  
Since working with Terry, Toni has been able to create a seamless prospecting system for her teammates.  

She has also begun to write a strategic guidebook that shows Network Marketers how to build a business that focuses on leadership, sales, and tools - the three things that all successful home based businesses need to survive and thrive!

Testimonial: “He is a fabulous guy, and he genuinely wants to see people succeed! It’s never easy in Network marketing, but if you take the tools that Terry gives you and follow what he says, you absolutely WILL be successful. Terry’s skill set transcends all ages and genders. I am 50 years old, and Terry knows how to encourage and inspire, no matter who you are. He helps you find those key skills that you already possess and shows you how to succeed on purpose!”

If you are still reading, right now, you are a rare breed, and I want to encourage you to stop self sabotaging.  

You are overthinking this decision to buy.

Here are your choices.

Keep doing what you are doing and keep getting results that frustrate you. Or...

Invest in yourself. Get everything that I pour out to you in “Your Complete Guide To Social Media” 

Implement. And become a social media hero in front of everyone who cares about you.

Your friends and family deserve to see you succeed at your business, and you deserve to know what it feels like to be able to be of service to EVERYONE you meet, online.

Go on.

Click the link.

I’ll see you on the inside!
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